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Emergency Notification System

REVERSE 911 ® is a high speed telephone notification system used to call homes and businesses to alert them during a variety of emergencies. Using a mapping system, REVERSE 911 ® can call a section of the county that may be affected by an incident occurring in their area. A recorded message provides the listener with information about the emergency and recommended steps to protect their family from harm. The system recognizes answering machines and will leave a message.

Your Address

Look up your address! - Find information about a property such as county commission district, water franchise jurisdictions, school zones, voting precinct, emergency management, hurricane evacuation zone, and more.  To use, please enter a portion of your street address OR a portion of the parcel reference number (format sec-twn-rng-sub-lot-blk) and press the search button then from the results list please click on an address and your report will display in about 10-30 seconds. Please be patient as this service is still being fine tuned and is subject to change.