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The Brownsville Community Redevelopment District, originally adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on September 4, 2007, dates back to 1908 and is a historical community that once served as the home and thriving business district for West Pensacola. The district, which abuts the Warrington Community Redevelopment District to the south and the Englewood Community Redevelopment District to the north, offers a wide array of commercial and retail uses along the Cervantes Street/Mobile Highway corridor, the Pace Boulevard corridor, the W and T Street corridors and the northern most section of the New Warrington Road corridor. The southern-style residences that radiate from the commercial corridors offer a distinct feeling of “home” for the local residents of the community.

District contact: Clara Long, Division Manager at (850) 595-3217 or


(850) 595-3217
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