Contractor Licensing and Investigations

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Contractor Licensing is a function designed to safeguard the health, safety and public welfare of Escambia County and its citizens. 

Contractors who wish to obtain building permits in Escambia County may do so if they hold a State of Florida Certificate of Competency, are registered with the State through Escambia County or hold an Escambia County Certificate of Competency.

Critical functions of Contractor Licensing and Investigations are as follows:

  • Regulation of locally licensed contractors
  • Process and maintain contractor information
  • Investigate complaints of unpermitted activity

Application Forms & Information

The application forms below must be printed and hand-delivered, mailed or (depending on the form) faxed back to Building Inspections. Email forms are currently unacceptable.

Unlicensed or Unpermitted Activity

To report unlicensed or unpermitted activity, please download the affidavit below and fill it out as completely as possible.