Escambia County Construction Boards

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There are three different boards under the purview of the Building Inspections Department. Agenda and minutes for each board can be found here.

The BID Inspections Fund Advisory Board (IFAB) meets quarterly to make recommendations concerning the Building Inspection Department’s budget, service fees, costs, and other related financial matters. Please check the calendar for the next scheduled IFAB meeting.

The Contractor Competency Board (CCB) duties include accepting applications for and overseeing examinations for licensure as a contractor; determining, through review of supporting data, the qualifications of applicants for licensure and issuing a certificate of competency as a contractor to those whom the board deems qualified in the appropriate trades; recording certificates of competency and issuing renewals annually to those who qualify in appropriate trades; making an annual report and providing any other information as required by F.S. ch. 489 and subsequent amendments thereto; causing to be investigated any complaint which is filed before it if the complaint is in writing, signed by the complainant, and establishes probable cause to believe a violation of the article has occurred; and investigating violations of this article, or of F.S. ch. 489 and those construction codes adopted by the County, upon due cause shown to the contractor competency board and to take appropriate action pursuant to this article.  The CCB normally meets the first Wednesday of each month at 9 a.m. at the Escambia County Central Office Complex, 3363 West Park Place, Room 115, Pensacola. Please check the calendar for the next scheduled meeting.

The Board of Electrical Examiners was established by the Board of County Commissioners to review applications for examination, administer exams, and issue Certificates of Competency as a registered contractor to those who qualify, record and issue renewals, investigate violations of County and State Ordinances, and maintain an official record of all transactions. The Board of Electrical Examiners typically meets the third Thursday of each month at the Escambia County Central Office Complex, 3363 West Park Place, Room 115, Pensacola.  Please check the calendar for the next scheduled meeting