Escambia County GeoCaching Tour

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This tour includes the area's major environmental restoration projects.


  • The Big Escambia Creek Restoration Project returning the Big Escambia Creek to its original flow.
  • Project GreenShores, the award winning project to restore oyster, saltmarsh and seagrass habitat to Pensacola Bay.
  • Admiral Mason Park, with its beautiful pond, fountains and walkways that not only adds to the beautiful sites of Pensacola but also serves as a stormwater treatment system for the surrounding 31 acres.
  • The unique habitat of Perdido Pitcher Plant Prarie. Located west of Pensacola, the Prarie supports one of the largest strands of white-top pitcher plants in Florida.
  • Three of Florida's Award Winning State Parks which highlight the beautiful and unique habitats in our area.
  • Cutting edge stormwater retrofit projects, such as the Glynn Key Stormwater Park at Southgate Plaza which turned a traditional stormwater pond into a county wetland park in the middle of a commercial development.
  • Pensacola Beach, a barrier island that offers Florida's whitest sand beaches and sea oat covered dunes.

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