Recycling and Sanitation

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Benefits of Recycling

Recycling turns materials that would otherwise become waste into valuable resources. Collecting used bottles, cans, and newspapers and taking them to the curb or to a collection facility is just the first in a series of steps that generates a host of financial, environmental, and social returns. Some of these benefits accrue locally as well as globally.

  • Recycling protects and expands US manufacturing jobs and increases US competitiveness.
  • Recycling reduces the need for landfilling and incineration.
  • Recycling prevents pollution caused by the manufacturing of products from virgin materials.
  • Recycling saves energy.
  • Recycling decreases emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change.
  • Recycling conserves natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals.
  • Recycling helps sustain the environment for future generations.

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Household Hazardous Waste and End-of-Life Electronics Programs, Regional Roundups and Free Paint

Household Hazardous Waste

Electronics and Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) or household chemical waste is collected year round at the Perdido Landfill for no charge for Escambia County Residents. We also collect HHW and Electronics for no charge at quarterly Regional Roundups for Escambia County Residents. We do not accept any material from businesses. These materials cannot go into the trash because they are toxic and may contaminate local water sources. For more information call (850) 937-2160.

Shoe Reuse & Recycling Program

Escambia County's recycling operations is collecting new and gently used shoes for Escambia County charities in need as well as Soles4Souls, non-profit organization, that distributes shows to those in need nationally and woldwide.

Shoes are being collected at the following locations:

  • Perdidio Landfill, 13009 Beulah Road
  • United Way, 1301 Government Street
  • Parks and Recreation, 1651 E. Nine Mile Road
  • Extension Services, 3740 Stefani Road

Mardi Gras beads are also being collected for ARC Gateway at these locations.

The Perdido Landfill

The Escambia County Department of Solid Waste Management operates the Perdido Landfill, a Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Facility, in Cantonment, Florida. Integrated Solid Waste Management is a series of complementary actions to reduce quantities of solid waste generated and manage that which is generated in a economically and environmentally sound manner. Waste is leveled and compacted by large bulldozers and compactors.


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