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Repetitive Loss

Properties that have had two or more claims of more than $1,000 paid by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) within any 10-year period since 1978 are considered Repetitive Loss Properties. Although some of these properties have had mitigation measures applied to them, most remain at risk of flooding.

Local Mitigation Strategy

Escambia County Local Mitigation Strategy

In 1998, Escambia County, the City of Pensacola, the Town of Century, and the Santa Rosa Island Authority were provided a federal grant through the (then) Florida Department of Community Affairs to develop a Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS). This was a State of Florida initiative implemented to help reduce the spiraling costs of disasters. The LMS identifies specific hazards, man-made, natural, and technological, that could negatively impact our community, and created a strategy to try and mitigate our community against those disasters.


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