Building Inspections

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The Building Inspections Division conducts plan review and inspection services to ensure the integrity of all new buildings and major improvements to existing structures built in the unincorporated areas of the county and to ensure that all residential and commercial construction is in compliance with state and local building requirements.

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Permitting Services

Notice to Permit Applicants - Escambia County is required to comply with Florida Construction Lien Laws and all applicable state laws concerning construction permit applications and permit issuance. A completed application is required before we can assign you a permit number. A completed application requires the notarized signature of the contractor making application. If you need notary assistance, we will be happy to provide this when a technician is available.

A recorded Notice of Commencement is required for any work with costs of $2,500 or more. A certified copy must be provided. HVAC Changeouts require a recorded Notice of Commencement when costs are $7,500 and above.

Digital Format Accepted for Construction Plans

Escambia County continues to streamline the building permitting process

 We are now accepting electronic submission of one set of the two required construction plans to reduce paper, toner and other printing costs for design professionals and the building public. This will also allow for reduced costs in scanning, archiving and records retention for the County. Electronic Plan Submittal:

Building Inspections Frequently Asked Questions - The Basics

What do you check during a building inspection?

On this page are listings for a few of the building inspection types. The items, though not all inclusive, are listed to illustrate the types of things that are checked. Because each project is different, the inspector may inspect only those itmes listed for a particular inspection or may look for things that are not on the list. When in doubt about what the inspector will check, ask questions before the inspector visits your site.


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