Public Works

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The Public Works Department is charged with the conservation and preservation of Escambia County’s infrastructure. Its divisions include Engineering, Roads, Fleet Maintenance, Transportation & Traffic and Escambia County Area Transit.


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3363 West Park Place
Pensacola, FL 32505

Engineering provides a wide range of transportation and stormwater management services to the residents of the county.

The Roads Division maintains the County’s network of roads and stormwater drainage systems. Additionally, all mowing, road shoulder repair, right-of-way clearing, tree cutting, and fence maintenance throughout the county is handled by this division. 

Escambia County FL Road Issues

The Transportation Programming and Traffic Operations Division proudly offers multiple services for the residents of Escambia County related to the County’s transportation system. The Transportation Programming section manages the planning, monitoring and funding sources, which relate to a wide variety of roadway improvements. Examples of the roadway improvements vary from the construction of new roadways, travel lane and shoulder widening, sidewalks, bike lanes, additional travel lanes and turn lanes, to the installation of ADA enhancements. The Transportation Programming section also provides oversight and coordination of multiple County programs to ensure minimal to no overlap in funding or scheduling including engineering, dirt road paving, roadway resurfacing, bridges programs, pedestrian enhancements, etc. The Traffic Operations section provides the management of all signals within the County and installation and maintenance of traffic control devices, performs traffic studies and analyses, as well as efforts to implement a new Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

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Escambia Area Transit (ECAT) provides citizens with safe, convenient and affordable transportation throughout the Escambia County/Pensacola area. ECAT currently has 1,000+ bus stops covering 285 miles of routes which average 1.1 million annual passenger trips. ECAT provides the following services: fixed-route bus, seasonal Pensacola Beach trolley, University of West Florida (UWF) on-campus trolley and ADA paratransit transportation.

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